10 Tips for Choosing a Videographer to promote your business...and how to avoid making an expensive mistake!

1) Before any meetings or enquiries take place, you should take the time to view their showreel/portfolio/previous work. By doing this you can judge whether their filming and editing style is suitable for your requirements. However, do not use this as a judgement alone. A good videographer/production company must be flexible and have the skills to adapt to various clientele. Their showreel should be able to display their adapting style and creativity to various projects.

2) Ensure you have at least 1 physical meeting with the videographer before any work is undertaken. The videographer should take note of any specific requirements. A good videographer will take the time to really understand your brand identity and who your target market is.

3) Before any filming takes place, ensure the videographer has given you a shot list or storyboard and ensure you are happy with what has been envisioned.

4) Make sure your videographer or video production company has public liability insurance.

5) Model release forms should be used by the videographer where appropriate.

6) Ensure you and the videographer arrange an agreed timeframe for the work to be completed. However remember that unforeseen circumstances may cause the timeframe to be extended.

7) A good videographer should make regular meetings with you, the client, and keep you updated on progress. They should involve you with the editing process and let you view rough cuts.

8) As the film is for commercial use, any soundtrack should be royalty free.

9) Make sure you have agreed a delivery method for the film i.e. DVD or Blu-Ray disc and in a suitable format i.e. mp4 or .mov files.

10) A good videographer should ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final product. The final product should be something you are genuinely pleased to view and share with prospective clients and should make you proud of your business. It should be powerful enough for clients not to question whether to choose you for your products or services.

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Here at Stage Two Imaging, we always strive to go beyond the clients expectations and ensure they are provided with best quality customer service. We ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the product or service they are receiving and ensure the investment is worth every penny. We hope this short blog post has been helpful for you. We understand it can be a daunting task for choosing a videographer to help promote your business, time and budget constraints may be a factor in making your decision so we hope we have answered some important questions for you. 

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