Videography for Sporting Talent

Promotional Videography for sporting talent.

Are you a upcoming talented sportsperson? Are you looking for potential sponsorship or perhaps looking to attract the attention of coaches and mentors? A professionally shot promotional film displaying your talents may be just what is required to attract the attention you deserve. Here at Stage Two Imaging, we too are always on the lookout for amazing talent to help make a forward step in having their dreams turn to reality. We enjoy sport ourselves and appreciate the effort and determination required to succeed in achieving your goals. 

Why Videography?

With still imagery there is only so much that a potential sponsor can see within the talent. With videography, there is the ability to really show the true character in the sportsperson. Sport is obviously a physical activity and with video production we can show the physical nature and help potential sponsors get a glimpse of the talent in real time, display any unique attributes of the sportsperson and present their professionalism before potential sponsors have the chance to meet you. By working closely with you, the sportsperson or team, we can formulate the plan on how best to let that come across.

Case Study

In September 2014, we began working with 15 year old Lee McIver. Lee is an upcoming Downhill mountain bike racer and currently competes in the Youth category of the SDA (Scottish Downhill Association) race series. He has had some impressive race results to his name, bagging a win at his home round in Ae Forest in 2013 and a 3rd place in 2014. At the Scottish Championship event in Glencoe this year he took another 3rd place. 

For 2015, Lee is looking to race the whole SDA series and also take to the British stage by including selected rounds of the BDS series.

Keen to get a professional video record of his riding, Lee contacted us with the hope to produce a short promotional film to be ready for the important winter period when sponsors are on the lookout for fresh new talent to potentially take on in the new season. Naturally, we were only too happy to help.

Having Ae Forest on our doorstep meant it was the ideal location for filming. Less than ideal however was the typical Scottish climate and as Winter was drawing in fast, it was a case of planning what we could then jumping at the chance when the weather was favourable. 

We agreed on a fairly simple edit to show Lee’s ability on the bike and certainly impressed by being quick yet having a fluid riding style and this is clearly demonstrated in the short film. 

Since the production of his film, Lee has picked up a couple more sponsors in the shape of Uplift Scotland and Preston Meihls Design and also continues to ride for Ae Bike Shop & Cafe. We will be following Lee in the future and have more plans to work together in the pipeline. Lee's film can be viewed below:

Making Progress

By building a working relationship with the sportsperson, it doesn't just stop after one film. We’re keen to follow the progress made and love to keep up to date with you. We take great interest in your journey to achieving your ultimate desire. 

If you think promotional media in the form of moving imagery is just what you need to attract the eyes of the sponsors or mentors you deserve, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our working methods are specifically designed around you to get the results you aspire to.

We look forward to hearing from you!